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1 kWatt SAP Hollow Glassfibre Blade.

1 kWatt Composite SAP Blade image

These lightweight structural composites blades weigh just 430gms each, hence offering low inertia and therefore operate with low wind speed start-up, which is an additional efficiency benefit over the 1kg heavy weight alternative glassfibre-rubber injected moulded blades that are on the market.

Although lightweight these low inertia blades have been structurally designed to survive Danish Hurricane Wind speed specifications of 50metres per second.

These blades will fit directly into the Future Energy Blade holder sets without any adjustment.

1 kWatt Composite SAP Blade image

I have structurall sized by calculation and by test these hollow directional fibreglass blades to be lightweight less than 440gms (low inertia). The Green-Power composite

The blades presently sold in the UK for 1kW wind power systems weigh over 1000gms.

1 kWatt Composite SAP Blade image

The rig is a Future Energy generator fitted with our low weight fibreglass blades (< 440gms per blade).