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3 kWatt SAP Hollow Glassfibre Blade.

3 kWatt Composite SAP Blade image

Designed for producing 3kWatt of power from a 9.6m/sec wind. Structurally sized to Danish Hurricane Wind Standards of 45 metres per second.

Also available in Black.

The special geometry is designed to enhance blade performance. Airfoil shape is based on internationally recognised NACA profiles.

These SAP-3kWatt blades are completely constructed of fibreglass with no metal parts.

Blade length = 2000mm
Blade weight = 4.0 kgs

Price: £725 (+ Vat) for the 3-Blade set + pp UK or EU

Note. Discounts available for 21 or more blades ordered.

Excludes Aluminium Blade holder and Blade Clips

Please Phone: 0044 (0) 7980 545231 or Email: jurajet@yahoo.com

3 kWatt Composite SAP Blade image