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Composite Structural Analysis Modules

With CSAMs you can make rapid composite laminate architecture design investigations to meet stiffness, strength and minimum weight aspirations within minutes.

Determine the equivalent Youngs Modulus, allowable strength, volume and weight fraction, laid down ply thickness and other properties of continuous fibre composites and Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) mixtures quickly. Allows hybrids with continuous fibres and different resins systems.

CSAMs caters for Uni-directional, 0/90, 90 deg and +-45 degree plies of different gsms of carbonfibre, glassfibre and kevlar.

Analysis of monolithic beam structures.

Sandwich panel design also made easy. Choice of core materials or put your own in. CSAMs give with Strength Reserve factors for skins and core. Deflection and weight of the panel is given.

Also, is a section for simple structural analysis of various beam configurations and boundary conditions.

For Adhesive bond calculations in Lap and T-Peel joints, JSAMs is recommended. JSAMs caters for equal and unequal thickness adherends.

Ideal for composite manufacturers who require a simple to use tool to design composite beams and sandwich panels.

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