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Gas Turbine Blade Design without fillets or stress concentrations.

Stress Adaptive Profile. (SAP) Is the elimination of stress concentrations.

SAP Blade design methodology ensures that no stress peaks occcur in a gas turbine blade subject to centrifugal and gas bending forces.

The method does not sacrifice the set aerodynamic parameters of height to chord ratio, thickness to chord ratio, mean radius airfoil, or blade footprint.

These parameters may be adjusted and still the no stress concentration characteristics are retained.

No stress concentrations in leading, trailing edge or root.

Totally fillet free. No fillets to manufacture or quality control check.

Suitable for solid or hollow blades in any material.

Adjustable blade base geometry without affecting the unique stress characteristics.

Gas Turbine Blade

Gas Turbine Blade

Conventional Nut: Gives a Sidewall stress concentration and loses complete surface contact under Preload




SAP NUT: No side wall stress concentrations

SAP Nut: Offers a continuous contact surface under Preload

Conventional Nut